Welcome to our  PATH…..

We are a group who investigate the paranormal. Our members are made up of people of many professions, talents, and abilities and we put these to use during our investigations. We are NOT a group made up of thrill seekers who take this lightly.

See the recent article in the Courier Journal mentioning PATH.

If this subject interests you then we believe you will enjoy reading this group as we keep you up to date on our adventures.

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Any information we collect prior to an investigation, during the investigation, and after the investigation is kept in the utmost secrecy. We never release anything without our clients permission.



Electrical Ghosts

http://www.unexplainable.net/ghost-paranormal/electrical_ghosts_1745.php check out the link above, pretty impressive new technique they are working on.

Gregg Seidl Interview

Thank you Gregg Seidl for mentioning PATH in your Courier Journal interview. See it below along with his video.  (DOWNLOAD PDF of article). Gregg will be signing his book at…

Being touched during investigations

While conducting paranormal investigations, sometimes you will be touched. The touch (feel) is among our one of the five senses. This is one way a spirit may attempt to make…


Here are some notable features as indicated by firsthand accounts: Subjects of apparitional experiences are by no means always frightened by the experience; indeed they may find them soothing or…

Soul weigh 21 Ounces?

In 1901, MacDougall weighed six patients while they were in the process of dying from tuberculosis in an old age home. It was relatively easy to determine when death was…